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  • Insect and Disease Management

    Our team of arborists can help your trees and shrubs grow healthy and strong. Oftentimes, damaging insects and disease are the result of underlying factors. With our up to date knowledge and tools, our licensed professionals are ready to determine the source of the problem and to put your plants on a healthier track.

    Call us to help manage outbreaks of:
    Browntail · Hemlock Wooley Adelgid · Winter Moth · Spruce needle cast fungus · Apple scab


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  • Pruning

    Pruning can play an important role in the health and appearance of your trees and shrubs. It may also prevent unnecessary damage during storms and severe weather. Our conscientious team of arborists can help you with your pruning needs large and small.

    Specific types of pruning have different benefits, depending on your tree or shrub:
    · Fruit tree pruning for greater yield
    · Structural pruning of young trees
    · Dead wood pruning for tree health and limit overhead hazards
    · Shrub pruning
    · Crown reduction pruning
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  • Preventative Care Programs

    An ounce of prevention… as the saying goes. Our preventative care programs focus on enhancing your tree and shrub’s natural defenses, helping them to fend off disease, insect infestation, and other pressures from their surroundings. Ask us about how this program might benefit you.

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  • Planting

    We believe that successful tree planting should be measured in years, decades, and generations. We understand local soil and climate conditions, so we can help you select the best specimen, the best location, and the best timing for your tree and shrub planting needs. Our experience has taught us that well-planted trees grow stronger, healthier, and provide lasting beauty.

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  • Removals

    At Welltree, our safety record speaks for itself. We can remove sick, damaged, or poorly located trees and stumps safely and effectively. Any size, anywhere.

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  • Pre/Post Construction Care

    Frequently, trees are unknowingly hurt during home construction, renovations, and landscaping projects. Years often go by before trees show the effects of this damage, oftentimes with fatal outcomes. Our team can assist you or your contractor before, during, and after construction to ensure that your valuable trees receive the care they need for continued health and beauty.

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  • Shoreland Protection Consultations

    Maine shoreland protection laws can be confusing to homeowners who live on the coast. Our experienced arborists can help you enhance your views while working within the zoning laws. Call for an initial consultation with a certified, licensed, Welltree arborist.

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  • Fertilizing

    Many trees and shrubs will receive adequate nutrients naturally, while others require supplemental nutrients to enhance their health. We understand these differences and can formulate a plan specific to your plants’ needs.

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  • Storm Assistance

    Any time of year, any time of day, we are always available to help with storm emergencies. Keep our number handy.

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